Thursday, March 9, 2017

March Update


Our current unit of study pertains to fractions and decimals.  The kids are using their fraction cards (area representations for fraction and mixed numbers) as they compare and order fractions on a number line.  We will soon begin comparing decimals in the same fashion using decimal cards,  representations that include decimals in the tenths and hundredths place.  We will then begin to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers.  Problems that involve measurement will be incorporated into this investigation.  Finally, we will end the month and begin April by multiplying fractions by whole numbers and mixed numbers.  

In case you missed it in the email or last blog post, you and your child can log on to at home, just as we do in class.  On this site, your child can access their homework pages, instructional math videos that I have already assigned them in class on google classroom, as well as math games tied to our current unit.  


We constructed a fraction number line with the fraction cards created at home.  Throughout the process, the kids discovered many equivalent fractions and used the area representations they drew as well as their knowledge of parts and wholes to order their fractions between 0 and 2. 

Reading Workshop

This month in Reading Workshop we have begun reading a variety of fictional and nonfiction text.  We have used these readings to determine the theme and main idea as well as identify evidence from the text to support our thinking.  We have then written short essays (two to three paragraphs) based on our thinking.
Moving on, we have been using a site called Digital Readworks.  This site allows me to provide the kids with leveled text tied to our content.  They can highlight and annotate the text online and show their comprehension of the text by responding to multiple choice and open ended questions prior to electronically submitting their work to me.  We have used this site to explore theme and main idea.
Additionally, we have read narratives and then used the main idea from those narratives as a spring board to write our own narratives as we connect reading and writing.  
Finally, during our monthly co-taught technology sessions with Mrs. Fleet, we have introduced the kids to a new website called Discovery Education. This gives the kids access to leveled information presented in the form of reading passages, boards (similar to infographics), and videos.  We have used Discovery Education to study videos and boards as well as Digital Roadworks for articles all related to the same topic.  The kids then determined a common theme in all three resources and wrote essays stating the common theme using evidence from all three.  

Here are a few screenshots from Discovery Education and Digital Readworks.

Writing Workshop

During the month of March we will continue with the genre of informational writing.  Thus far, the kids have completed their research, they have used their notes to create an outline, and have used the outline to begin drafting their chapters.  This month's mini-lessons will focus on incorporating text features, crafting captivating leads by using questions or shocking facts, writing with a teaching tone, and writing a reflective and powerful ending.
The kids are becoming experts on their topics and can't wait to share their learning with one another and with you!

Young Ameritowne

As you know, YAT is our current Social Studies unit as it focuses on financial literacy. This has been our focus for the past month or so and will be until the middle of April when we begin our next Science unit.  As of today, the kids have been learning the importance of saving for short-term and long-term goals, budgeting, how to balance a checking account, and how to invest their money based on their personal assessed risk tolerance.  They have interviewed for their jobs at YAT and have been placed in their positions.  Next week they will begin their job training.  
As you know, our field trip is April 5th.  More details will come via email from the fourth grade team providing you with more information about the field trip.  Registration for the trip has been open for a few weeks now, and I have most kids registered.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this.  

Thank you for visiting and learning about what your kiddos are working so very hard on!

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